Charlene Carr


Hey, I am Charlene Director of Musication.


I come from a background of various capacities. I am a qualified JNC & BA Hons Youth Worker. I have spent  20+ years working with young people in Music, Youth Clubs, Schools, Young Offending, Substance misuse just to name a few. I have been teaching music for 15 years in various settings and begun Musication’s journey teaching many students in Milton Keynes through formal and informal learning.


I am passionate about being part of a service to offer young people opportunity to become the best of themselves In a creative safe environment.


My hobbies are within music. I play guitar which is my main instrument, bass, piano, drums, Ukulele, sing. I am a song writer and music producer. I am in my own band called Roses & Pirates.


Something I need to work on is not getting over excited with new ideas, remain grounded and focused on the finer details. I’ve always been a big dreamer!


I am very proud of the opportunities we offer through our support and tuition service. 


 Helen and I have work hard to being together a creative team and set up that is offering a bespoke service that is at the heart of young people’s individual needs.

Helen Pritchard

"Hi! I am Helen one of the directors for Musication.


I have worked with young people and families for many years now in many different ways,  I have been a social worker, inspected children homes, worked in schools , youth offending and chaired a charity for LGBTQ+ community,


I have always enjoyed meeting new people and think that we are all amazing, it is just sometimes life gets hard and we forget the great things about ourselves.


My hobbies are gardening and I LOVE crystals and spiritual things. I also enjoy a good book and spending time with my friends.


Something I would like to get better at is taking a break, I often just keep going and forget I need to have some time out.


I am proud of learning to drive as it took me a long time! And also the wonderful Musication and all of its staff - it is a pleasure to come to work and spend time with awesome young people and colleagues."

Ryno Nel

Ryno Nel

"Hi there – my name is Ryno. I work with Musication to help some young adults and parents.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Brain Working Recursive Therapy® practitioner. I specialise in advanced stress management and emotional well-being. Utilising these tools, I can help people to relax when they are stressed, anxious or worried, to build confidence and a sense of well-being, to adjust how they see issues that occurred in the past, or how they feel about themselves. 

I am so proud that I have been able to establish my business, Therapy Milton Keynes, to help people make the changes they need to. When I arrived in the UK 18 years ago with nothing but a suitcase full of clothes and some money, I would never have thought this is what I will be up to almost 20 years later!

I love music and theatre and have recently started following an interest in African djembe drumming (sorry neighbours!). I have also taken up a bit of yoga (very funny with a cat in the house!) to add to long walks when I can, because we need to keep the body and the mind healthy. Both of these need lots more discipline and practice ☺"

Jacobi Maro

Jacobi Maro

"As a music teacher, I've been teaching young people to play a variety of instruments; ukulele, piano, guitar and even the one-string diddley bow. I personally relish the challenge of learning to play something new, and have become a multi-instrumentalist in pursuit of this.

My proudest recent achievement has been the decision to face my strongest fear – heights. Uncomfortable standing on a chair to change a light bulb, it took a lot to complete a rope climbing course, let alone two, and although it never stopped being scary, I gained the knowledge that I could do it anyway.

When I'm not working I think I have some fairly standard hobbies, I like good books, bad movies and classic video games. Somewhat less typical is my interest in number sequences, and my never-ending dream to one day coin my own (I recommend the Kolakoski Sequence if you're wondering where to start).

I'd like to be a better chess player. I've had an interest since I was young and still play the occasional game, but I've always been better at draughts."

Tammy Sydee

Tammy Sydee

"Hi There! My name is Tammy and I work directly with the young people, along with doing the occasional administration. I'm a "Jack of all trade" and can offer a very flexible, person-centred approach to my sessions... I will give anything a go!


I come from a background career in childcare, holding a degree in Early Childhood... which makes for a fun-packed imagination! This also means I understand the importance of listening, caring and being patient. I was also a part time Drama teacher for 10 years, so have a HUGE passion for all things theatrical! 


My hobbies consist of singing, ice-skating and being crafty! I very much enjoy planning, especially planning adventures! I am somewhat addicted to visiting new places and trying new experiences. 


Something I need to work on is being able to ask for help when I need it! I can probably be a bit stubborn sometimes and I let my independence get the better of me! 


I am very proud to say I am a team member in organising MK Pride Festival and helped to get the very first MK Pride off to a flying start in 2019!"

Char Bird

Char Bird

"Hello my name is Charlotte. Here at Musication, I do Art, Arts&Crafts and Cooking.

I am a very smiley and calm person who loves being creative. I love to use different materials and mediums that can reach different senses and I base projects on positive thoughts, nature and things that young people enjoy. Cooking sessions always revolve around food that the young people enjoy. From this, I help them to develop understanding of processes, multitasking and confidence building in the kitchen and with ingredients. Gradually we experiment with different foods and can make a little cook book of the recipes. Cooking has always been a key part of me. I cook and bake for gatherings, groups and sometimes little events and have completed food hygiene and allergy courses.

I also have a career that is art based, in which I do both physical and digital artwork. I have many years professional experience, along with the passion.  

Something I am proud of achieving is learning how to become a tattoo artist and using this to try to help bring people joy and confidence. Even though the journey I had was very challenging in many ways, I kept going. 

Things I enjoy doing are learning about and growing plants, exploring outside spaces and yoga. I also love animals!

Something I would like to get better at is learning guitar. I enjoy music, however it's not my skilled area and that's okay :)" 

Nathan Naidoo

Nathan Naidoo

"I am a musician and songwriter. At Musication I work with our young people helping them develop their musical skills. Nurturing the skills they already have and developing new ones.

Music is such a positive thing in anyone's life and I try to show how this can be a positive force in anyone's life. 


Also touring and still playing in bands myself, I have worked in music for many years, with bands as a sound engineer and tour manager, travelling the world and having some amazing experiences. 

Currently working on my skills as a recording engineer and very much looking forward to where that takes me. 




I am proud of my myself for giving up drinking, so many years ago. It was an un-needed addition to my life and I have never looked back. 




I really like to draw. From a young age I drew pictures all the time and I have taken up drawing again more in my adult life. 

It's a different type of creativity for me. 




Different languages. I have very basic grasps of some languages but would really like to improve on those skills. That would be a massive achievement for me."

Grey Gardner

Grey Gardner

"Hullo, my name is Grey. I am a photographer, music maker and occasional artist. I have always been interested in learning new things, and have tried many different things from when I was young, including; horse riding, karate, violin, gymnastics, scouts, cycling, cooking and volunteering for a local charity. I am ever curious about how things work, what they do and if I could build it myself. I enjoy a challenge, and I love completing one even more.

I am also an avid climber, I hope to really expand my knowledge on the sport and improve my own climbing ability.

One of my proudest achievements is becoming a gigging drummer for a band within six months of picking up the drumsticks. Live gigs are something I never thought I could do, and I’m proud that I am now able to do them.

I use everything I have learnt in the past within my role at Musication. I teach music, take young people climbing and explore the arts. I also share my many experiences and mistakes I have done and made, and encourage people to try new things and have new experiences. I like to think, however, I am learning as much from others as they are from me."

Lauryn Rose Palmer


Hello! My name is Lauryn and I am a photographer and artist at Musication.

I have always enjoyed doing creative things and have a serious passion for taking photos, arts and crafts, cars, animals and making people happy! 

An achievement that I am proud of is completing college with 3 diplomas in creative arts! This was a challenging experience but taught me key problem-solving skills and arty techniques that I can now share with others.

Something I have learnt during my time at Musication is how important music is and how much of an impact music has on our thoughts and feelings - I would love to develop my musical skills at some point in the future!

A huge part of my work at Musication is working with young people, building confidence through exploring different creative mediums, this is very rewarding and I am thankful to be able to work with such an amazing team and such amazing young people."



"Hello my name is Bjorn, I am very gentle, playful and loves kisses. Here at Musication I am a buddy and sometimes work in sessions with my mum, Charlotte, although I will happily say hello to everyone. I give people kisses and let them stroke me, lots of people like to do this, as I'm very small, soft and fluffy! I also love to play with my toys with people and watch people make things. 

I am proud of learning all my tricks, some I am still practicing.

Things I enjoy are long walks exploring nature, seeing my friends and naps. 

Something I would like to get better at is hiding my treats and remembering that I hid them!"


Hello, my name is Spring. I help my parents Charlene and Helen run Musication. I love being the boss. I have a very wavy tale and love to say hello to everyone.


My favourite thing is playing with a very bouncy ball. I love hanging out with young people.


I am good at some very special tricks, especially if you have a treat on offer!


One thing I need to work on is not talking during a meeting. But I do have a lot to say!

*waggy tail*