We are moving Online...

At Musication all the staff are committed to ensuring we run a full filled jam pack learning environment. Given the unfortunate events across the world and the coming months in the UK will be a challenge for all of us with Coronavirus. We have taken the decision to provide our lessons for the time being in an online environment.

We are rolling out from 23rd March all lessons will be run via video calling using a service called Zoom. Zoom is free for one to one meetings with no time limit. So there is no extra cost to our students.


Online Tuition with Zoom


Zoom is a video meeting software with audio.You will need access to your instrument, wifi, a phone, tablet or computer to use Zoom. Parents will need to help children set this up.


When your lesson is due to start, we will send an email with a link to join a meeting on zoom. If you join to early you will automatically be added to a virtual waiting room.


All lesson times will remain the same as the ones you have booked for face to face lessons. This makes an easier transition. If you need to change your time slot please let us know.

Join our members facebook group

Click on the 'join group' button below to join the online group, this is where you have access to all tutors, can ask questions, see updates and have the opportunity to communicate. We can use this to share resources and learning materials. Please be aware this group is for paid members and parents of tuition only.

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All tutors will be the same tutors you had before, you will have access to their email address for invites to you lessons. If you need to change anything or have questions, please use the Facebook group or email Charlene for more information.