Musication was set up by Charlene Carr and Helen Pritchard, who have a combined 40 years knowledge and experience within social work, youth work, Music, education, young people’s mental health, substance misuse and youth offending.


Initially Musication was set up in 2016 officially as a Music School offering Tuition, Recording Studio, Music Clubs and Workshops. We set up a small service called Youth & Family services in 2017 offering young people and family interventions. In 2019 whilst working with parents whose children have special educational needs, we decided to combine the services to what is now on offer.


The service started by working closely with local community partners to run sessions within those spaces. We expanded quickly as the demand for young people needing access to the services we provide increased. In July 2019 we moved into our own premises in Barton Road where we were able to offer state of the art facilities and resources to our young people. 

Having both worked professionally within local authorities and charities with young people and families, Helen and Charlene have seen first hand the struggles young people are facing in the current climate and felt that they could bring a service that was different. 


Charlene shared: “As a youth worker I have seen young people left to the wayside, amazing services stripped to bare bones, buildings disappearing, general services becoming so significantly targeted that young people slip through the net”


Helen Shared: “As a previous Social worker working in child protection, working within schools/ youth offending. I have seen how hard it is for students and parents to navigate the very complex systems of trying to seek support. Plans are often time limited rather than in the natural timeline of the child/young person.



The theory base behind how we work are placed in the skills we have developed over the years, we use solution focussed approaches alongside Restorative justice and theories of participation and empowerment, to enable and engage. We are committed to  working holistically with every young person and are in a position where we can work in a different way, that other statutory services cannot. This helps us to reach the most disaffected young people.


Musication is expanding in the future and we hope to increase the services we offer to more young people.