Musication believes that every young person has capacity to grow and achieve, what that looks like can be completely different from one young person to the next. Musication seeks to use the Arts and positive activities to provide experience and opportunity for young people to develop skills build self esteem, encourage positive risk taking by trying new things and most importantly to develop hope.We believe in inclusion and have worked with young people from different communities such as: BAME, LGBTQ+, Asylum seekers, refugees, those not accessing school or who are working with mental health services


Musication SEN offers bespoke support packages and focussed interventions for young people who are experiencing difficulties, or who are stuck in their life journeys, this can be due to poor mental health, struggling with education and/or social isolation. Our ethos is to work at the pace of the young person and build the foundations to pave their way forward, with a view to what their next steps are. Every plan looks to what the young person will transition to, whether it be, school, college or work. We work with a positive 'can do' attitude with a fluid approach, we don’t give up and will work to find the right way forward for each young person.

All of our amazing staff work in a therapeutic way with young people and individually are skilled within Art forms and specialisms from music teachers, Art tutors, Climbing instructors, Chefs, film makers etc.

Some of our most popular staff members are our dogs who visit us regularly, they love to get involved especially for a treat!

Here is just a snippet of the sessions we offer within bespoke packages:


  • Art - Graphics , painting, pencil, modelling, crafts, textiles, Arts Award.

  • Music - Learn to play an instrument for fun or grades, Recording studio & song writing. 

  • Theatre and performance - Performance, acting, theatre, theatrical

  • Independence skills - Cooking, budgeting, conflict resolution, decision making, organisation, emotional regulation.

  • Physical activities - Climbing, Bounce, Snow Boarding, Ice skating. 

  • Tech - 3d Animation, Film making & Green screen, graphic design, Photography

Musication works to bring out the passion or skill a person has within them, everyone has a purpose and thing they are good at, we help to identify it and help it grow.

We believe that all people achieve their best when they enjoy what they learn.

We always source activities in line with a young persons interests where ever possible, this helps to make sure we engage every young person and make our work relevant to them.