Parent of young person:

"Before Musication my son was not attending school he was depressed and had isolated himself to his bedroom, he barely communicated with anyone and when he did it was vague responses such as,, maybe or I think so. I think the reason he stopped attending school was a number of reasons to do with socialising and communication that all got to much and he couldn't take it anymore he would hear nasty comments about him and he was hit by different students because of miss communication. It was a shame because up until that point academically he was strong. For over a year he didn't attend school.


After Musication..... As soon as I met Charlene I knew Musication would help my son. Everyone that works there are amazingly understanding to his needs. My son started to realise he was safe and they understood him and that they was there to help him. He started doing sessions such as climbing, piano, computer and walks out for food and chats. His confidence because of Musication is rising. At Musication they offer an incredible amount of support they have changed my sons life!!!"

Parent of young person:

"I think that Musication is a fantastic resource. I would love to see it available to the young people I work with in Bucks!!!!!


When Jasper joined Musication, they were not in a good place emotionally because of their Autism and anxiety. They were socially isolated, were not attending college and they were struggling to cope. They had little interaction outside of the core family unit.


Now, a few months later, they are much more positive. Jasper is accessing 

Musication three times a week and looks forward to each session. Their self-esteem is stronger and this has had a positive impact on their learning and access to college work. They have been able to go out of the house without me, and interact with other adults independently, whilst exploring creative projects. They have explored piano and guitar, chess, and various Art projects. Jasper sees the Musication site as a safe place and enjoys going there. They feel appreciated and listened to. They have also begun to apply the positive social skills from Musication and have reached out to their peers a few times socially which they could never have done before.


The staff at Musication are professional, caring, patient and reliable, and they have taken the time to build a positive relationship with Jasper.


As a parent, Musication has shown me that Jasper is capable of much more that we previously thought. It has taught me to be able to let go a little and trust other adults with my vulnerable child, knowing that Jasper is in safe hands.


Musication has had a really positive impact on Jasper and on our family unit and I am deeply grateful for all the work you do.(I only wish it was available in my local authoritywhere I work........."

Young person:

"Before I came to Musication I was stuck in a rut, unable to handle day to day life. Since I have been with them I have improved musically in many ways. But where I've really seen the impact is the fact that I can handle responsibilities and a schedule. I'm now ready to move on to college, something the old me would never have seen happening. Musication are a family and they have shown me it's ok to be who I am.